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omg no please no ;_____; i love your coloring and there're people who love them too! those notes are not for nothing! please ;___; just you said that you'd make a selective coloring tutorial ;____; please don't mind them! they're the ones who are assholes! everybody has different tastes, those dumbasses don't know how to respect someone's tastes, even when they don't like it they have no rights to say bad things! please don't get discouraged and make selective color tut, you're very helpful! <33

thank you for being so kind! i almost finished it but i’m not sure if i should post it or not because it didn’t really turn out the way i wanted it to. so maybe you could come off anon and i could just send it to you? if that’s okay with you, that would be great

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reddit is a really nice place

they literally called me an asshole for my coloring tutorial

well excuse me for trying to help people and make it easier for them to color stuff?? 

aaaaaaaand there goes my will to make any tutorials ever 

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what program do you use for sharpening your gifs? i tried to install it with the link you posted but i cant

i always use ps cs5 :) what exactly is the problem?

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hi! i love your blog so much! i wanted to ask you if maybe you can help. can you maybe do a tutorial of how to do this kind of stuff? kurt-blaine(.)tk/post/94071337645/glee-meme-seven-colors-2-7-red ? i see this kind of posts a lot and i don't understand how people make gifs like that. if you can help, i'll be forever grateful! <3

i’m not sure if this is going to be very helpful but you can try checking out this color porn tutorial and these psds? you just have to use the right scenes for these kinds of posts, really :)

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download here
you can edit/adjust it as much as you want;
likes are very appreciated.

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hi! first off i really love your blog and thank you for the time and work you put into this blog~~ this might be a really dumb question, but do you have any tips on what scenes to pick when making gifs? especially for posts such as "1/∞ favorite movies" or just like a gifset over a whole movie/show thanks :)

that’s a good one! well, i would recommend using bright scenes with nice and natural colors. what i also like doing is going on a screencaps source (usually kissthemgoodbye) and go on a ‘most viewed’ page of the movie/episode that i want to gif. that was you can see which parts are most liked by other people and you can also just scroll through screencaps to find the scenes that look especially pretty

you can also use scenes that have some details, like silhouettes or pretty much anything that catches your eye. 

so, you know, you can take this kind of scene because the colors are pretty and it’s light and easy to color

or you can use something like this if you want your gifset to not only have faces. so you can use faceless scenes, scenery, full body shots, hair porn scenes or anything like that

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A++++ i just bought a new computer and this blog is definitely a big help, thank you so much for existing.

thank you ahhh <3

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We don’t often mention how much we appreciate all of your love and support, but we hope you know it anyways. You are the reason we even have a site and the reason we make screencaps every day. Every single message you send means the world to us and we can’t express how thankful we are.

Our last psd pack has received such a lovely feedback and it’s awesome to know that you like not only our screencaps, but our psds as well. This pack consists of two psds, one of them is vibrant and the other one is pastel.

It would be lovely of you to like/reblog this post if you download the pack, but further credit isn’t necessary.

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just wanted to say that your tutorials have been really helpful a+ thank you so much :)

oh my gosh thank you <3 i’m glad you found them helpful :))

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hi! i'm sorry i just wanted to ask you about the psd of your sidebar. is that one of yours? can you point me a psd that i can use for that same scene? (I need to make a gif of the same episode, from the same scene, but don't worry, not the same gif!) hope i've been clear! and thanks

it’s this psd: [x] :))

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